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About Osteopathy During Pregnancy

During pregnancy your body changes considerably in response to your growing foetus. While some of these changes such as weight and posture are obvious, subtler changes are also happening, for instance your ligaments will soften in preparation for birth.

Taken together these changes can cause a wide range of symptoms including lower back pain, sciatica, joint pain and pelvic pains related to symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD).

The basis of osteopathy is that full wellness can only be enjoyed when all the elements of our musculoskeletal system work harmoniously together. Pregnancy naturally disrupts this harmony, but the good news is that osteopathy can help restore it.

Our osteopaths will help your body adapt to the rigours of pregnancy, encouraging it to adapt and realign as your pregnancy progresses. We use gentle and safe well proven techniques while ensuring that you are comfortable throughout.

Osteopathy can also help align your body ensuring the pelvis and lower back are optimally positioned for your giving birth. Postnatally it can help to restore normal pelvic alignment and mobility.

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