Cranial Osteopathy in Hatfield | St Albans | Hertfordshire
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About Cranial Osteopathy

Despite its name, cranial osteopathy isn’t restricted to the head; it can be used on many parts of the body. It is the gentlest osteopathy treatment of all, and can be highly beneficial for women during pregnancy and for the baby after it is born. It is also beneficial for children during their early years.

Our cranial osteopaths are experts in the field. Birth is a traumatic time for the foetus. It is subjected to huge birthing forces as it passes through the birth canal. Its journey also requires it to twist and turn as it squeezes through the pelvis.

Fortunately, the baby’s head is flexible as the plates that form the scull are able to move around. After birth the head can adopt an odd shaped head which normalises over the first few days. However, these changes can create longer lasting stresses that cause discomfort.

Cranial osteopathy can help release these stresses and ease many of the associated problems, such as feeding and excessive crying. The cranial osteopath uses only the gentlest holds to influence the ligaments and encourage natural healing.

And it’s not only your baby who can benefit. It is also a great way of easing aches and pains of pregnancy and for checking that your baby is in the right position to ensure that you have a smooth and easy labour.

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