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Relaxing Pregnancy Massage

My first treatment with Helen was fantastic! I have had regular massages in the past, but as a pregnancy specific massage it was newish to me and I was not sure what to expect. However, it was so relaxing that I felt incredibly peaceful and fell asleep. At the end of the session I felt wonderful. Helen is a highly professional therapist, she was sensitive to my needs, instilled confidence and helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable. She gave me a clear explanation of what the treatment involved and thorough aftercare advice.

During the massage I had instant relief from my back ache and afterwards I would be pain free for a day or two – which was well worth it. More than anything though it was the only time I got for relaxation and to think about me and my baby each week. The end result was that I was more relaxed and far less stressed. I particularly enjoyed the sense of calmness, relaxation and release of tension and would definitely recommend Helens massage to others for the health benefits and for the sense of peace and wellbeing experienced during and after treatments.

Nicole Braude


Did you know that during pregnancy, your body can swell anywhere due to the extra fluid circulating in your system*. To find out more about how pregnancy massage can help you,



You can book a pregnancy massage online, or contact us on 0800 0724012 to discuss how we can help!

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