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Recommended books for breastfeeding mums

Sleeping With and Feeding your Baby – The Safest Ways To Combine The Two

As a new mum, how do you make those vitally important decisions on whether or not it’s safe to share a bed with your baby while you are breastfeeding them? As any new mum knows, the early months of taking care of your baby are exhausting. At any time during the day and night, the baby will cry for your attention, whether that’s through hunger or discomfort.

Many parents may assume that it’s dangerous to share a bed while feeding a baby as the likelihood is that you will fall asleep during the process, especially when it’s in the middle of the night

A new book, entitled Sweet Sleep Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family by La Leche League International (see below for a review by Sara Randall, Perfect Balance Clinic’s Mother & Baby specialist) is credited as being the first and most complete book for helping parents to make sane and safe decisions on how and where your family sleeps, backed by the latest research.


The book reassuringly explains how and why many breastfeeding mothers can responsibly share their bed with their baby and offers seven key criteria that allow parents to evaluate the possible risks in their individual situations and prepare themselves for the task ahead. It’s a must-have invaluable how-to guide for any nursing parent who wants a good night’s sleep while making sure that their baby is completely safe and satisfied.

Details include How To:

• Sleep better tonight in under ten minutes with the QuickStart guide—and sleep safer every night with the Safe Sleep Seven checklist
• Sort out the facts and fictions of bed-sharing and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
• Learn about normal sleep at every age and stage, from newborn to new parent
• Direct your baby towards longer sleep when it’s ready
• Tailor your approach to your baby’s temperament
• Uncover the hidden costs of sleep training and “cry it out” techniques
• Navigate naps at home and daycare
• Handle concerns from family, friends, and physicians
• Enjoy stories and tips from mothers who are just like you
• Make the soundest sleep decisions for your family and the welfare of you and your baby.

Here are Sara’s thoughts on the book:

“As a midwife, Osteopath and Lactation consultant I am always impressed to read books that are affiliated with La Leche League. This is a no-nonsense, evidence-based practical book that provides reassurance to parents wanting to bed share in a safe and healthy environment. I would not hesitate to recommend this book. Easy to read any time of the day and night, you will not be disappointed. Staying attached and attuned to your baby is the underlying philosophy of a successful breastfeeding journey.”

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