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Osteopathy for Babies – How to Restore Balance in your Babies Body

Whilst labour and birthing is a completely natural process for mum and baby to go through, sometimes there can be difficulties or complications. This can mean it becomes more traumatic for the baby and sometimes the medical world may have to intervene with the use of forceps, ventouse or even caesarean sections. This can lead to the baby having difficulties with feeding, sleeping or generally being unsettled. Osteopathy uses gentle techniques in order to help restore balance within the baby’s body, relieving strains that may have remained from birth.

As the child grows they may develop reoccurring problems with ear infections, coughs and cold’s. Osteopathy can help support the child’s developing immune system and ensure there are no stresses and strains putting excess demand onto the body, therefore reducing the ability to fight and clear infections itself.

Osteopathy can also help relieve musculoskeletal restrictions and pains that may be preventing your child from fully reaching their motor development milestones and they go from turning, to crawling, to walking and beyond. Feel free to call Perfect Balance Clinic to discuss any problems your child may be having and get more information as to how we may be able to help.

Author: Lauren Storey Profession: Perfect Balance Clinic Osteopath (Specialist in mother and babies)

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